Custom home builders melbourne Custom Home Builders We understand the care, commitment and costs involved in creating truly exceptional homes. MPR Enquire Now Custom home builders melbourne New Level of Design We understand the care, commitment and costs involved in creating truly exceptional homes. MPR Enquire Now Custom Home Builders melbourne High-end Builders Melbourne We understand the care, commitment and costs involved in creating truly exceptional homes. MPR Enquire Now
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At MPR Design & Build our Custom homes speak for themselves…and our clients speak for us.

Operating for over 20 years in the Bayside area and surrounding suburbs, MPR Design and Build wants to see beautiful homes built at the highest quality.

We understand the care, commitment and costs involved in creating truly exceptional homes.

MPR provide in-depth information on project design and architecture for property developments of all sizes as well as quality renovations. We work closely with the architect from concept stage and assist with your cost management needs.

Combined with a highly experienced and qualified team we ensure to work with you from inception to completion and provide ongoing support.

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Townhouse Multi Residential - MPR Design & Build

Townhouse Multi Residential
Custom Home Builders melbourne

Custom Renovations - MPR Design & Build

Custom Renovations
Custom Home Builders melbourne

Luxury Homes - MPR Design & Build

Luxury Homes
Custom Home Builders melbourne

Make the Right Choice for your Custom Home Design with MPR Design & Build, Where we collaborate to achieve your plans, provide you with a Dedicated Supervisor for you project and help manage your costs

Custom home builders melbourne
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Are you in search of Custom Home Builders in Melbourne?


If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then you know how hard it is to find a builder that won’t just listen to your home design concept but actually implement it as well. Whether you’re new to the construction world or have developed one or multiple houses, it is no walk around the block. We all know that!

Whether you are looking for Modern Home Builders, Hampton Style Builders or simply want High end custom Home Builders MPR is on your side when it comes to understanding your ideas and helping you achieve them!

We believe customising a design isn’t just a luxury, it is a necessity in order to reflect your unique style, create a comfort lifestyle and achieve great on sell prices, therefore you require Architectural home builders Melbourne to help you refine that design to levels you didn’t even know was possible.

MPR Design and Build are established, trusted Custom Home Builders Melbourne. For those who dream of designing their home but are discouraged by the unknown, are worried about any hidden costs or don’t know a trusted support team, MPR are unique in offering ample support from idea stage, throughout the designing and work with your costs to provide personalised fit out solutions and ensure transparency and ongoing support.

Company Values

We believe in evolution, therefore we are constantly growing, learning and improving our industry knowledge, implementation, services and approach

We work together to manage your costs within budget
Our well rounded experience and knowledge allows us to suggest options to achieve the best results
We provide dedicated Supervisor to your project to ensure you have on going support
We are a close and committed team who have integrity, loyalty and care for quality
At MPR, We Strive for Unique Not Average!

Customisation isn’t just a fancy word to add in a stone benchtop on your kitchen counter, spruce up your vanity room with new paint colors and hardware, or to knock off a wall to allow more space in a room.

Making sure your home helps you live your lifestyle to best of abilities and doesn’t act as a roadblock is highly important for your everyday tasks. That is why getting an Architectural home builders Melbourne to customise house design isn’t just a luxury but a must!

You can always go with the standard home designs that every builder can present, but what is the fun in that!

A house isn’t a product that has a shelf life for a few years. It is a permanent entity in someone lives for decades, and most home owners plan to build a house with the intention of keeping it for themselves for many years to come.

Therefore, MPR Design & Build help clients find the unique factor that they want to include in their home that not only is modern and timeless, but in line with their lifestyle and allows them to be creative as well.

We strive for unique houses, not your cookie cutter houses found everywhere. Trust MPR Design & Build in Melbourne to make passerby take a second look at your new house.

Your Home Should Reflect Your Style

We absolutely advocate for homes to be the reflection of the lifestyle of the respective owners. It is important that whatever stage of life you’re in, your home isn’t an impediment while going about your daily tasks.

For new parents, getting glass fixtures and partitions might not be the best choice as it can be a safety hazard for their children. Similarly, for couples in their early stages of a relationship who are looking to invest in their future, they can make wiser choices when it comes to using hardware or stoneware around the house that will not only make the house look beautiful but increase its property value as well.

For home owners that are looking to develop a home or looking for Modern Home Builders where they want to have more freedom of expression and are not afraid to experiment with the design and hardware used, going all out with modern designs, innovative fixtures and more can truly make a bold statement that will draw compliments from friends and family.

And whether or not you have an evolving style or a permanent one, customizing your house in a way that you can renovate it a few years down the line and keep it versatile is only possible if you allow room for improvement that can be finalized while designing a home.

Therefore, MPR Design & Build makes sure that our clients get the best possible house design for whatever stage of life they are in and know the options they have.

Why is MPR Design & Build the Best Choice for your Custom Home?

Finding High end custom Home Builders in Melbourne that not only uses the best raw materials, world class stone benchtops, hardware and has a design team that is on par with the latest trends for a modern yet effortless house design, is highly crucial for a house that is being built to last for years to come.

MPR Design & Build provides you the leverage, the space, and the freedom to discuss and plan your house design with our in-house design and construction experts that can pinpoint your requirements and formalise a workable blueprint.

We value the trust our clients place in us when it comes to the development of their High End Custom Homes Melbourne and therefore, we make sure to go the extra mile in tying any loose ends prior to the construction of the house. Similarly, the feedback loop is always open and is welcome at every step of the development process.

So if you are still wondering why MPR Design & Build is the best choice when it comes to building a customised house according to your approved design (which also has your ideas meshed in it), we hope we gave you some idea about the hard work and commitment as Custom Home Builders in Melbourne.

Want us onboard for the construction of your new home? Contact us today to setup a meeting. 

Some of Our Works

Custom home builders melbourne
Custom home builders melbourne
Custom home builders melbourne
Custom home builders melbourne
Custom home builders melbourne
Mountain Grove


Was incredible and customer service is extremely impressive. We can’t thank them enough for building us a beautiful home with everything we could want and more with a high quality finish. Thank you to all the staff at MPR we are so grateful to you and a special shout out to Jarrod Milz who helped us through it all!

Lisa Morris

I spoke to Michael who was incredibly helpful and amazing to deal with. He gave me a great advice on how to approach my project and who to contact. Unfortunately, our little extension could not be done by MPR but I really loved how approachable they were.

Anna Paulina
Ania Nguyen

The team at MPR have made our building project effortless. They’re a highly skilled, professional team of people not only with a great reputation of producing beautifully finished homes because of their eye for detail, but they’re also transparent and hard working. Nothing has been too hard. Paul, Michael and Nikki have combined years of experience in their areas of expertise to make MPR Design & Build just a pleasure to deal with.

Anna Paulina
Monica Schmidt

5 year in one of MPR townhouses and not a single problem. Nice and modern style, they sell very quick.

Anna Paulina
Luigi Buffa

Terrific to deal with, open and honest conversations, would use them to build again.

Anna Paulina
Jonathan JBS
Dedicated Supervisors

Boutique Builds, Extensions & Reno's

Architecture Collaboration

“Even if you don’t have a ready sketch of what you want – we will help you to get the result you dreamed of.”
David Oswald

founder of company

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Our Team

Michael Rodgerson
Daniel Holmes.
Jarrod Milz
Gareth Richards
Dave Mellotte
Jordan Schindler
Nicole Trionfi
Dwayne Gates

MPR Design & Build

Custom Home Builders melbourne

Becoming a home owner is a huge milestone in anyone’s life. We all aspire to have a house of our own, and many people spend years planning and saving for that one day when they can be able to afford one.

Naturally, when it comes to building a house & finding a right home builder in Melbourne, the big question comes up: “Who do you trust with the task of constructing your dream home?”

MPR DESIGN & BUILD go beyond just the art of laying bricks one on top of the other to form a house. We lay the foundations of a home that is an embodiment of the dreams and hopes our clients spent years cultivating and collecting, while trusting us to fulfill them.

MPR DESIGN & BUILD will help you not only construct your luxury home but design a functional, unique and sturdy home that will last for generations to come.

It is hard to find a trusted builder who won’t cut corners just to get a house up and ready for you. It is important to us that clients don’t risk their budget and luxury home dreams with just anyone, MPR DESIGN & BUILD understand visions, how to implement them and ensure the highest quality is used within your cost management needs.

Our specialty lies in bringing to life luxury homes that stand out from the crowd by using the best architecture and high-quality finishes and our client’s trust and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us.


Custom home builders melbourne
Bayside Builders Melbourne
MPR Design and Build is a leading and reliable building company based in Bayside Melbourne.
We encourage meetings throughout the building process to ensure open communication and support with your dedicated supervisor, updating any variations and keeping within budgets and schedules. We welcome all architects, designers, clients and advisors to come join us for a face to face meeting or interact with us via our online meeting rooms.
We love building beautiful homes as Bayside Builders and want to ensure your satisfaction is a priority!

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